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Roads & Streets

Sonoma County has over 2300 lane miles of city streets and county roads. In addition, we have 250 miles of state roads, including Highways 12, 121 and 116.

We envision a system that includes:

  • Ongoing, aggressive maintenance of existing streets and roads, including resurfacing and pot hole repair
  • Safety improvements on those streets and roads that are highly traveled
  • Re-engineering of those county roads that flood during the winter
  • Traffic flow improvements on highly-traveled arterials
  • Accommodations for other modes of travel, as needed, including sidewalks, bike paths and bus stops.

From the Comprehensive Transportation Plan There are several ways to improve traffic flow on the local roads. They are:

  • Maintain our existing system to better conditions.
  • Improve flow by adding capacity, improve channelization
    and add signalization.
  • Build new roads to make important connections or
    relieve overburdened roads.
road Construction image