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About Climate Action 2020

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Climate Action 2020 is a collaborative effort among all 9 cities and the County of Sonoma to take further actions in reducing GHG emissions community-wide and respond to the threats of climate change. RCPA will work with communities to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan for each jurisdiction that will identify measures to reduce GHGs from sources including building energy (electricity and natural gas), transportation, water use and transport, waste, wastewater and agriculture. This detailed plan is called a Community Climate Action Plan, and known locally as Climate Action 2020.

Why is Climate Action 2020 Necessary?

The impacts of climate change are already evident in California and include changes in sea levels and temperature, which are affecting water supply conditions, growing seasons, and habitats. Climate Action 2020 will build on efforts to meet the prior commitments to reduce GHG emissions made by Sonoma County communities over the past decade. In 2002, the 10 jurisdictions within the County committed to reducing GHGs, and later in 2005 a target of reducing emissions by 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2015 was adopted. In 2008, the Climate Protection Campaign, which now works collaboratively with RCPA, recommended GHG-reduction measures to the communities of Sonoma County; however, the plan was never formally adopted by the municipalities.

A main goal of Climate Action 2020 is to identify specific, implementable actions that each jurisdiction can take to ensure their communities remain vibrant and resilient in an ever changing climate.. The City of Santa Rosa has recently adopted a Climate Action Plan (CAP) and subsequent CEQA document for their community, but will participate with this program to ensure collaboration amongst all jurisdictions and to further the implementation of their CAP and sustainable communities planning efforts. Overall, Climate Action 2020 will benefit Sonoma County communities by providing a comprehensive assessment of GHGs and emissions-reduction strategies. Since each community within Sonoma County is unique, each community is going to have different concerns and priorities within their community.

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