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About Us

Welcome to the Sonoma County Transportation Authority / Regional Climate Protection Authority (SCTA/RCPA) - your link to information about transportation and climate change throughout Sonoma County. The SCTA RCPA acts as the countywide planning and programming agency for transportation and coordinates climate protection activities countywide.

The Sonoma County Transportation Authority, SCTA, was formed as a result of legislation passed in 1990 to serve as the coordinating and advocacy agency for transportation funding for Sonoma County, and, since 2004, administers Measure M funds generated within Sonoma County through a local sales tax for specific transportation projects in the County.  The SCTA partners with other agencies to improve transportation in the County, including Highway 101, local streets, transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The Regional Climate Protection Authority, RCPA, was formed through legislation in 2009 to coordinate countywide climate protection efforts among Sonoma County‚Äôs nine cities and multiple county agencies.  The RCPA is engaged in securing grant funding for a variety of GHG reducing efforts including energy efficiency, building retrofit and alternative transportation programs. Data collection, public information and education are significant elements of the climate protection effort.

SCTA Mission

"As a collaborative agency of the cities and County of Sonoma, we work together to maintain and improve our transportation network. We do so by prioritizing, coordinating, and maximizing the funding available to us and providing comprehensive, county-wide planning. Our deliberations and decisions recognize the diverse needs within our county and the environmental and economic aspects of transportation planning."

RCPA Mission and Goals

RCPA coordinates countywide efforts to implement and advocate a broad range of programs and projects to reduce GHG emissions.


  1. Reduce GHG emission levels by 25% below 1990 levels by 2015
  2. Reduce GHG emission levels by 40% below 1990 levels by 2035
  3. Employ a tracking system to effectively capture GHG emission data and assess progress in reduction efforts.

See more information on RCPA Mission, Goals and Objectives.